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Here's my Treasure!


As you can see, She is an undamaged beauty!  has just over 32 Thousand miles and is in tiptop condition.

"She who must be obeyed" doesn't want me going on road trips anymore, and leaving her behind, because she's gotten older, she thinks I have too!  But in the interest of sanity, I will relinquish  control of the Throttle, the bars to someone that has fewer than 50 + riding years, and  73 years on the planet..

Since this Bike a "96 Soft tail Custom Harley Davidson" is my treasure, I will sadly trade it for a "Treasure of Equal Value!" 

3 Troy ounces of .999 pure fine Gold @ 2020 price!

Stamped Certified mint Bars!  Pure Gold Coins by weight!  Numismatic Values Not Considered, Troy Weight of gold only!

Use the form below if you wish to contact the web master about YOUR NEW OWNERSHIP of this beautiful  machine!






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